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Class of 2014 Graduation Announcements

It’s that time of year again! Graduation is coming up! Let us help you with your announcements. Every style can be adjusted to your color choosing and to include your information. Call the studio with any questions, or to get started on designing your graduation announcements today! pricing2014 accessories Graduation Announcment Designs01 Graduation Announcment Designs02 Graduation Announcment Designs03 Graduation Announcment Designs04 Graduation Announcment Designs05 Graduation Announcment Designs06 Graduation Announcment Designs07 Graduation Announcment Designs08 Graduation Announcment Designs09 Graduation Announcment Designs10 Graduation Announcment Designs11 Graduation Announcment Designs12




30 Days of Prizes!

Attention Class of 2015! Our 30 Day Of Prizes Game begins next week! Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and keep an eye out starting April 15th. If you haven’t yet, swing by the studio to pick up an Essenza Seniors t-shirt.  Every day we will be posting specific tasks to complete, all involving your Essenza shirt. (Don’t worry, they are super easy and really fun!)  We will pick a winner EVERY DAY! Prizes range from gift cards to local restaurants to $100 cash, tickets to Skyzone Trampoline Park and more!

Anyone from the class of 2015 can play!

Here is the mailer we sent out about the game! Did you get one? Have you picked up your shirt? What are you waiting for?





Mason, Our Super Hero

What do you do when your child is diagnosed with a life-threatening disease?
You fight like crazy! You look for every opportunity, even the smallest chance to save your baby’s life.

We’ve known, photographed and grown to love the Diersing family over the last 5 years. After their last session, Katherine had heartbreaking news. Her son, Mason, was recently diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

We need your help! A petition needs to be signed by March 29th, to help Mason, “Our Little Hero”, get the medicine he needs. We are spreading the word to our Essenza Families.  Please take a moment to read Katherine’s story and sign the petition to help the Diersing Family.

In Katherine’s Words:
“In November of last year our family began a journey which forever changed our lives. After 3 months of tests our 3 year old, Mason was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy in January of this year. Duchenne’s is very progressive, is 100% fatal and is the leading fatal genetic defect; 95% of the affected are boys.


When we found out about Mason’s diagnosis, I wanted to stop time.
Capture every moment. I didn’t want to miss a thing.  I longed to capture the spirit of my energetic, hilarious, happy, and enthusiastic little man. I know the road before him will be long and I want him to look back on those difficult days at photographs and videos and feel the joy he had as a carefree, strong & healthy boy.  It’s not an easy task to capture that energy but I knew who could do it. Erica and Peter.


I decided on a superhero theme because Mason is my little hero. He is courageous, has a contagious enthusiasm and is the happiest boy I know.  I want him to know we believe in him and his ability to triumph over tragedy and help others in the process.
We will work everyday of our lives to find a cure for Duchenne’s. We’ve been through some very difficult days. We’ve been blessed by the brilliant minds, careful hands and open hearts of the doctors and nurses at Children’s Hospital & Group Health for which we are eternally grateful. We’ve been humbled by the outpouring of support we’ve received and the love we see the community has for Mason. It is truly incredible.


One of my favorite quotes basically says to let go of what you can’t control and focus your energy on what you can. The sentiment really resonates with me everyday now.  We have no control over Mason’s diagnosis. We do have control over our attitude and our actions which directly impact Mason’s outlook on life. We can’t waste valuable time, energy, and effort wondering “why.” We have to believe we’ve been placed in the Duchenne community because we are needed to help find a cure for these children. We are thankful to have such wonderful, supporting family and friends who will help us, walk with us, dry our tears, pray with us, and encourage us along this journey.  We ask you to share in our positive and hopeful approach, to fight like Hell to find a cure, and pray our story will be one of strength, courage and triumph.


Please support Mason and the 350,000 other families battling Duchenne’s by visiting the link below to sign a petition to urge the FDA to rush a critical drug to market, one which is effective and safe for Duchenne’s patients. Please share the link on Facebook, through email and twitter (#racetoyes) and help us push this drug to market through the FDA for the boys and their families affected by Duchenne’s”


You can find the petition at:  http://wh.gov/lEfaZ As long as you are 13 years of age and older, you can enter your e-mail address to sign the petition. It only takes a minute to change countless lives.
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