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New Senior Display Images

IMG_5065One of my favorite things is putting up new display images! We had a senior model session a little while ago and our models were so much fun to work with and the images seemed to practically create themselves :-)  We wanted to photograph a fashion-styled session, so we invited our senior models in via facebook and instagram, asking those who were interested to bring in clothing that matched the look we were going for.  I love boho-chic!  This style has so much texture and I love the muted colors.  Sessions like this give us the opportunity to create photographs in a way that we are unencumbered by time restraints and we just get to play.  I want to thank all of our models for doing such a great job and making our session amazing!  I’m thrilled with the images we created.  If you love boho-chic I want to share my favorite new store with you…Rose & Remington in Lebanon.  Love, love , love their clothes and their prices are great!!  The perfect place to shop before your session.  I heard they may be opening a store at Harper’s Pointe so stay tuned… Here’s a link to their facebook page… https://www.facebook.com/roseandremington

2015 is our year for stepping outside the box and challenging ourselves creatively.  If you have any ideas for stylized sessions or something unique that you think would be cool to create, please share!  The relationship between photographer and muse is such a co-creative process, we’d love to hear your thoughts!! We have a few ideas in the works, so pay attention to this blog, facebook  (Essenza Studio and Gallery) and instagram (#essenzastudio).  We often do our model calls through these social media outlets because we feel those most interested are paying attention there.  You are also welcome to call us or email us with your ideas. (essenza@essenzastudio.com)

If you’re interested in becoming a #2016essenzamodel go to http://essenzastudio.com/class-of-2016-models/ to fill out the application.

An Essenza model is a current junior who is excited about their senior year, who wants to be photographed by Essenza and who is willing to share their experience with their friends.

Our models are our muses! We invite them in so we can try out new creative techniques as working with models allows us the freedom to play. Being a model provides perks and benefits as well, such as special discounts, more time in the camera room and having their images used for marketing and promotional materials. It’s a great benefit to both artist and muse.




RED – A Celebration of Women & All Things Beautiful

I am so excited about this event. I am so excited about this event because it’s the perfect opportunity to tell the women in my life just how much I love, admire and appreciate them.  I am incredibly grateful for my female friendships. They fill my heart, often in an unexpected way. I have learned from these women what it means to be a good friend (and at times they have patiently loved me when I had forgotten that friendship requires time.)  I have taken something from each of them and know that I’m better for having done so.  Whether it’s believing I always can from my mom, courage from Whittney, unconditional love from Angie, kindness from Jane, quiet strength from Rita, the joy of an open heart from Susan, gratitude from Kathy, simplicity from Erica, humor from Jen, being truly present from Viv, or grace from Denise, I know that I have learned how to love from them all.  These friendships have grounded me and I have never been more grateful. My true friends have such strength and depth, they are my anchors, and their love never fades, not one bit.

RED card 1

A photographic event


So all of this was the catalyst for The RED Event in February.  As an artist, my first “go to” was photography.  I started photographing my friends a couple of years ago, what I called my “Beauty Project.” My goal was to share the beauty that I saw in each of them.  There are moments when I’m photographing that I just want to sit back and say “Do you know how truly amazing you are?  Do you know what I see in you?” So now we are inviting others to share the gift of photography with those they love. It’s all about celebrating relationships.

Interested in donating to the American Heart Association/Cincinnati directly?  Here’s the link:  http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Giving/Giving_UCM_001137_SubHomePage.jsp

RED card back




7 Chapters to Create a Fairytale Wedding

Essenza studio wedding photography Cincinnati ohio

Essenza studio wedding photography Cincinnati ohio

I was online recently and found this great article written by Professional Photographers of America. It talks about some of the decisions you’ll be making as you plan your wedding and how to create your unique event.  Photography is a big part of your day and these elements help define your style as you translate your needs and wants to your photographer.  There are some other great articles here for the bride-to-be, like “10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Your Wedding Photographer.” (see link below) My best piece of advice is to find someone whose personality you really enjoy.  This person is going to be hanging out with you for hours on one of the most important days of your life.  Make sure it’s someone you like.  And remember, when you trust the person behind the camera, both personally and professionally,  you’ll be willing to share your most authentic self and that’s just one more secret to beautiful images. In the end, have fun, do what makes you happy and once the day arrives, find joy in knowing that at the end of the day you’re married to your best friend. Happy planning!




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